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We are pleased to announce that we have finally selected a stud to start the foundation of Auscan Bengals. He is our first stud and even at a young age shows great promise with personality, body and looks.


Tenderheart Tourmaline of Auscan


SBT: 092504 001 - Pedigree Chart - (Imp U.S.A.)

Registered No. QFA06/0819QC08





2 1/2 years young and full of energy.






12 months - I can still squeeze into my favorite kitten bed.




11 months




10 months - I'm going to get whatever is in that bag! It's a mouse and it's mine!




9 months            8 months          7 months         6 months

20 Weeks old and 1st time (accidently) in the bathtub.

Week 18 and still sleeping


                                       Week 17           Week 16                                   


Week 15, I'm not one of your kittens! I'm a big boy now, Finally some rest.

Picture 002.jpg (37000 bytes)  Picture 017.jpg (134790 bytes)

Week 14 Learning all about water and still sleepy.

Picture 042.jpg (130678 bytes)  Picture 072.jpg (140688 bytes)  Picture 125.jpg (76417 bytes)

Week 13

Picture 018.jpg (223374 bytes)  Picture 023.jpg (141587 bytes)  Picture 031.jpg (268318 bytes)

12 Weeks and still cute as a button.

Picture 024.jpg (206873 bytes)  Picture 043.jpg (259613 bytes)  Picture 055.jpg (285642 bytes)  Picture 078.jpg (138480 bytes)

11 Weeks old and where is Apache's tail.

Picture002.jpg (102552 bytes)  Picture006.jpg (115987 bytes)   Picture063.jpg (121373 bytes)

10 Weeks old and doing well.

Picture 020.jpg (153818 bytes)   Picture 037.jpg (177578 bytes)   Picture 058.jpg (137263 bytes)

9 weeks getting used to his home with us.

tourmaline110504.jpg (26760 bytes)   tourmaile110504_2.jpg (34212 bytes)

6 weeks

bigmale Oct 18, 2004.jpg (28709 bytes)     bigmale Oct 18, 2004_1.jpg (24303 bytes)   bigmale Oct 18, 2004_2.jpg (24600 bytes)

These are Tourmaline's first pictures at 3 weeks of age


Tourmaline's parents.

TenderHeart Buddy - Sire

Kalos Makiah "Mia" of TenderHeart - Dam