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Emerald Snowflake of Auscan

Registered No. 08QC2699 - Pedigree Chart

Emmie is a snow spotted Bengal with heaps of glitter. She is incredibly independent and sometimes demanding. Her personality is very outgoing and everything is of interest to her.

Auscan Holly Blue

Registered No. QFA06/1847QC08 - Pedigree Chart

Holly is a brown spotted Bengal and she is the daughter of Apache and Tourmaline. Holly is placid, self confident and she enjoys playing with our Jack Russell puppy.

Auscan Apache-Tear Agate

SBT 071803 003 - Pedigree Chart - (Imp U.S.A.)

Apache is a brown marble Bengal, daughter of Snowy and has one of the nicest personalities you would ever want. She will go up to anyone, to check them out and she shows no fear. Apache is intrigued by everything and everybody.


Auscan Diamond Tanzanite

SBT 071803 002 - Pedigree Chart - (Imp U.S.A.)

Diamond is a brown spotted Bengal with glitter and also a daughter of Snowy. She isn't quite as brazen as Apache, but she is very close to being a lap cat with her favorite humans. Diamond is our little princess.

Michelina Snowtire O'Tiger

SBT 012601 011 - Retired - Pedigree Chart - (Imp U.S.A.)

We started with 'Snowy'. She is a Seal Spotted Lynx Point. Her spots are very weak but her litter siblings were quite stunning. Snowy more resembles her Burmese ancestors. She has a very gentle, subdued nature. Snowy is our studs main companion. She retired awhile ago and lives a relaxing life at home.