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About Us

AUSCAN Bengals came about because Michelle is Australian and Andrew is Canadian. 

Thus AUSCAN Bengals. 

We are both very proud of our individual heritage. 

We lived in the USA and our first Queen and her first litter are truly American which we are equally proud of.

2006 UPDATE:   

Auscan Bengals, Michelle and Andrew recently moved from Baltimore, MD USA to Toowoomba, QLD Australia. The task of moving our Bengals was daunting, but with the assistance of professional pet transporters and AQIS all went smoothly.

Our breeding program will continue once life settles down. In fact our first mating will be Tourmaline and Apache-Tear.

We'd really like to get to know as many of the Australian Bengal breeders as possible. So please feel free to contact us.

We have Bengal information and breeding mentoring by our good friends Sal and Doris Vitale of Anateag Bengals.

Their friendship, knowledge and guidance has been invaluable. If it wasn't for these good people we would never have met 'Snowy' and Bengal cats.

You can visit Anateag Bengals website by going to our Links page.

As part of our contribution to the breed, we are looking to obtain the proper look and colorations back into Snowy's line - 14th generation from ALC, which does go back to Millwood.